What is PURE about PUREnola?

PUREnola contains only pure, whole, organic ingredients found in nature... no hidden preservatives, fillers, refined sugars or things you cannot pronounce.  You know exactly what you are putting into your body and can feel confident that each ingredient offers multiple health benefits.

What makes PUREnola so crunchy if there are no grains?

PUREnola is completely handmade in small batches over the course of three days. The care we take during this time to soak, dry and combine our different flavors results in a PURE crunch.

Is PUREnola appropriate for those following Gluten free, Grain free, Plant based/vegan, and Paleo diets?

Yes.  The ONLY ingredients in PUREnola are all organic raw nuts, organic raw seeds, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic maple syrup and each organic flavor add-in, such as raw cacao, unsweetened coconut, rosemary and various other herbs, spices and seasonal fruits. PUREnola is always handmade completely at low temperatures.

What do you mean by "soaked and sprouted"?

All of the organic, raw nuts and seeds in PUREnola are soaked/rinsed in filtered water and dried into their different flavor combinations over the course of 3 days.  It is believed that this "sprouting" process breaks down the inhibitors contained in nuts and seeds and increases the amount of nutrients our bodies are able to absorb from them.

Is PUREnola an Organic food?

PUREnola has not yet finished the organic certification process, though all of the ingredients in PUREnola are either certified organic or sustainably farmed/non certified organic.  

Why Glass Containers?

In our opinion, glass is the most PURE way to package foods without any concern of chemical leaching.  Our glass jars also work to maintain the crunch that sets PUREnola apart from the rest.  Finally, glass can be reused, recycled and refilled on your own or we offer all of our direct customers a rebate on their gently used returned jars - what better way to keep waste out of our landfills (and bodies) and feel warm and fuzzy inside?

How much is your delivery fee?

PUREnola offers free delivery in the West LA area.  Just enter code LOCAL at checkout.  Outside of the West LA area we offer a flat rate shipping fee of $10.50*

Your website says "sold out"! When will you have more in stock?

Currently we are only producing PUREnola in small batches.  We typically gauge our production to the demand at our farmers' market booth in Mar Vista, CA.  Please reach out via the contact page if there is something you would like to order, we can let you know if we have that particular favor and size in stock, and have it sent out from there!

*exceptions may apply when shipping/delivering larger quantities